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Problematic kid lit... when your favorites don't age well

You head to your bookshelf and pull off a childhood favorite... only to be shocked by some of the content you'd completely forgotten about! So... what now?

Kid lit is a complex subject, and it becomes even more complex give the passage of time and the way morals have moved since you were a kid.

Erin & Sachiko approach this from a parenting lens as well as an educational one, and we're curious how you would approach this, too. What are your favorite books that you've since realized are problematic? Have you decided to share them with your kids? If you did, how did you approach it?

This is the end of season one! We're taking a break, but we'll be back in September. If you just can't wait until then, we've got a lot of past episodes, courses, and our Incomplete Guides series. Find us all over social media, too!

All our links are on our website:

We'll see you in September!

*Audio has been corrected from a previous upload, thank you to everyone who let us know!*

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Finish publishing your indie book! (Indie Publishing Part 2)

Check out the previous episode for indie publishing part 1.

Sachiko has questions about indie publishing, and Erin has (some of) the answers! Last episode, we went over how to write to market, what exactly it means to write to market, and how to find an audience and category that are hungry for your writing.

In this episode, we move from writing the piece through publishing, including all the ins and outs of ISBNs, buying covers (and where to find them), what edits you can and should pursue for your project, formatting your book, and uploading all of it to Amazon.

If you'd like help with any of that, Salt and Sage Books would love to give you a hand! Learn more about us and book through our website:

If you're in the US, buy your ISBN on Bowker

For all things indie pub, 20Booksto50k is an amazing resource. Look at their files!

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Indie Market Research (Indie Publication part 1)

Sachiko's got some questions about her upcoming project--and Erin has way too much hyperfocus-fueled knowledge about how to make data-based decisions about your indie novel.

We talk about writing to market, and why that's a smart choice for indies; how to understand your chosen market, including tropes, reader expectations, and genre overlap; and how research the existing market to find the information you want and need. 

Erin covers the market research in this episode, from finding a profitable niche (and why that's important), to using specific categories to rank, to helpful tools that will make your indie journey easier. 

We'll talk about the rest of the publication process next week (finding covers, ISBNs, blurbs, uploading, keywords, etc.).




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How to Create When Your World is Falling Apart

The world is falling apart. Whether that’s your personal world, your community’s world, or the literal world around you, how do you cope? As a creative especially, what do you do? How do you keep writing, quilting, drawing, creating?

The answer might be that you don’t.

The answer might be that you do.

The answer might be that you switch mediums, switch stories, switch modes. It might be that you wait it out. It might be ready for you right out of the gate. 

Regardless of what you do (or don’t), we believe that the way that you process is going to be deeply unique, personal, and that, critically, there is no right answer.

It’s okay for you to be easy on yourself; you deserve grace and kindness, especially from yourself.


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Consent is Sexy: Steamy Books & Their Implications

CW: This episode contains conversations about sexual situations and is not intended for anyone under the age of 18.

Our incredible editor, therapist, and featured sensitivity reader Amy joins us to talk about all things spicy!

You’ve probably all noticed the increase in “respectability” when it comes to spicy books, both erotica and smut alike — it’s a brave new world out there, and we are here for it!

As with all explosions of genres, there are all shades (wink) of things to think about when it comes to writing something that is interesting, relatable, and that sells well. Surely you’re not surprised to hear that there are some pitfalls when it comes to the juiciest of books.

Amy has a therapy-based take on all of it. Join our conversation as we discuss consent, why it matters, how to write it, and—most importantly!—the way that your stories are impacting real people for the better.

We’re always excited to get steamy content in our inbox, and we’ve got lots of editors who love to read it. You can find all of them at! If you’re not ready to book just yet, we’d love it if you’d give us a follow on social media.


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Tracing (Or, Learning to Write From the Books You Love)

You know that you don’t know how to write a certain scene… say a kissing scene. And you want to learn how to do it—but how, exactly, do you figure out how to write like your favorite authors?

Join Erin & Sachiko today as they dive deep into how, exactly, you’re supposed to figure out how to be a good writer. Classes help, degrees help, but the best help of all is right on your book shelf.

Erin shares her personal strategy of “tracing” chapters, what they’ve taught her about how she writes, and how, exactly, she uses this wealth of information to move her forward in her writing journey.

You don’t have to have an MFA to learn from the books around you—just practice tracing!

If you’re ready to book with Salt and Sage Books, you can find us on our website at If you’re not ready to book, come hang out with us on social media! We’re excited to see you.

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Indie vs. Traditional Publication

The great war of indie publishing versus traditional publishing has begun!

No, not really. Erin actually thinks that they're both pretty cool. But if you have wondered which of those publication pathways is a better fit for you, Erin has some thoughts.

Depending on genre expectations, your goal audience, your ideal reader, and even your own personal interest in marketing, you might find that one sort of publication is a better fit for you than another.

Fair warning, that if you have ever thought that indie publication is less-than, Erin is going to challenge you to change your mind about that one.

For marketing concerns, potential financial investment, the amount of time that you're gonna have to wait, and interest in following market trends, there is a publication style that is good for everyone. You might even find that you like being a hybrid published author!

All the links:

Klytics - 

20Booksto50K for all things indie content (read the pinned files, they are a WEALTH of information) -

The Writing Gals (an indie pub group with a slight focus on sweet romance with lots of good business advice) -

Mal Cooper -

The Incomplete Guides from Salt and Sage Books (and a peek at how the landing page for Draft2Digital looks) -

For help with your query, we love working with:

Kim - 

Katie -

To book a time with Erin to talk about your specific book and if indie or trad is better for you, go to the consult on our website here - 

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Meet David Pena: psychology, horror, queerness

Join us today as we meet the incredible David. David, is an editor at salt and Sage books, a sensitivity reader, and a big believer in looking into the shadows of what makes us human.

David loves horror, and talks a little bit more about what makes the genre so interesting to him. David has a background in psychotherapy, and uses many of those approaches in his reads. He is an incredible editor who is keen to put the author first, provide additional context, and give resources to anyone who needs them.

Our favorite thing about David is how much he really cares about the authors he’s working with. He has a sense for understanding the person behind the story. He cares about honoring the author’s intent while also giving them as much context and information as possible.

David told us about two books that changed his life: Tell Me I’m Worthless by Alison Rumfitt -

All For the Game series by Nora Sakavic -

Listen to David’s indie queer urban fantasy horror audio drama here:

You can hire David through the Salt and Sage Books website at

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The 10 Year Novel

Erin and Sachiko dive headfirst into one of the most common issues we see in our writers: circling the same story for years.

You know the authors; you've heard the stories. You might even be one of them! There's something about this story, something about this plot. You might have "world builder's disease" or feel like you just can't quite get this story right.

Whether you've been writing (and rewriting) this story for years or you know what you want to write but can't quite bring yourself to actually start, this is the episode for you.

If you're ready to get some outside help on your novel, Salt and Sage Books is so excited to help you! Start with a beta read if you aren't sure where else to begin, and we promise to be as nice to your story as you need us to be.

Find us at !

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Meet Rebecca: Author, Autistic, Activist

Join us today in meeting the incredible editor Rebecca!

Rebecca, with her Master's of Fine Arts, talks with us today about who she is, what she loves, and how she edits. We discuss her passion for disability advocacy, the medical model of disability vs. the social model, and the way that books change the world. She is a sensitivity reader, autistic parent to autistic children, developmental editor, and broad reader.

You can book with Rebecca through our website at

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Trauma Informed Writing

Join editor and therapist Amy in her conversation with Erin as the two discuss all things trauma.

What exactly is trauma? What "counts" as trauma? How can you, as a creative, understand trauma better? We discuss PTSD, cPTSD, traumas both big and small, and the nervous system. As with all of our conversations with Amy, we're here learning things right alongside you.

CW: generalized discussions of trauma, neglect, and a variety of ab*se. We also briefly touch on P*lest*ne.

Salt and Sage Books is here to help with all of your writing questions, and we'd love to work with you to figure out how to represent trauma in your pieces.

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Editing For Your Friends

You're a writer, your friend is a writer... why not read for each other? Save some money on an editor, you can have your writing friends read it!

Not so fast! Reading and editing for your friends can be an incredible experience if it's set up correctly. Join Erin in today's episode to discuss the pros and cons of editing your friend's work. It's absolutely possible to have it be the best experience ever, but you're definitely going to want to set some boundaries.

Erin's got the ideas from her own hard friend-editing experiences, and she's here to share them all with you.

We want to work with you! Check us out on social media and at

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Systems of Power, Antagonists & Villains

Erin has a lot to say about systems of power and the way that they interact with our fiction. 

We discuss punching up, punching down, and how systems of power inform what funny actually feels like. Erin explains why, to her, privilege and power go hand-in-hand. She discusses patriarchy, sexism, racism, ableism, homophobia, and a host of other charged systems that thrive on controlling the people “under” them. 

She also discusses what she sees as an author’s duty to be aware of the power systems that they write into their work, and to consider how those (often invisible) power structures can contribute to a lot of character depth.

Not only can those power structures help with character depth, they can also help you make really compelling antagonists (people who stand in the way of what the main character wants) and villains (people who are bad all around).

If you’re interested in writing from an informed worldview, check out the editors and sensitivity readers at Salt and Sage Books. They’re experts at picking out the underlying power structures and their implications! 

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Age Gap Romances

To wrap up our romance novel February, Erin shares her thoughts on age gap romances. This trope has a lot of potential to be fun, flirty, and very enjoyable! But of course, as with all tropes, it has a dark side, too.

At Salt and Sage Books, we believe that as authors and readers know more, they do better; this episode operates on that assumption. Erin discusses child marriage, appropriate and inappropriate age gaps, and how patriarchy, wh*te supremacy, and the cultural and historical context impact our conversation about the romanticization and infantilization of women.

We want you to understand the problems so that your age gap romances can be as positively-impactful as possible.

While Erin does her best to talk around the specific words in case you have young listeners in the background, this episode does contain discussions of p*d*ph*lia, non-consensual relationships, and child marriage. Please proceed with caution and take good care of yourself!

If you'd like help with your novel, please reach out to Salt and Sage Books via our website, . We have lots of readers who would absolutely love to help troubleshoot your age-gap romance!

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Healthy Relationships with Amy (Part 2)

Welcome back to part two of Erin’s conversation with our sensitivity reader Amy! As a therapist and a sensitivity reader, Amy has unique insight into the way that relationships are presented in fiction (and more broadly as well) and why those misrepresentations—and lack of representation and diversity—impacts everyday people in a deep way.

The discussion opens with a conversation about how white supremacy is the norm in a lot of romance circles, and how that necessarily plays into ableism, sexism, racism, classism, and colorism; Amy brings up late-diagnosed neurodivergence as a perfect example of the intersection of all of those social issues.

The pair discusses the unhealthy patterns that exist within romance more generally, and how a lot of relationships show up as a us (as humans) trying so hard to gain control over an uncontrollable life as a way to find safety. Erin gets personal about the way that fiction negatively impacted her view of her partner, and how she had to do a lot of her own inner work to get back to a healthy space.

You can book a sensitivity read with Amy to look over your fictional relationship at! If you need help with a real relationship, we recommend finding a therapist. 

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Healthy Fictional Relationships with Amy (Part 1)

What exactly makes a healthy relationship, and why does it matter that fiction has them? Erin sits down for a conversation with Amy, a sensitivity reader and therapist, to discuss the ins and outs of relationship writing.

Have you ever noticed that the couples in fiction have the same problems over and over again? The woman magically changes the man, the man rescues the woman, the couple magically solves all of their problems by just communicating. They discuss the benefits of escapist fiction and how there is a lot of room in the world to do both fiction and deep-dives into healthy relationships.

Amy points out that, in real-life relationships, that sort of repeated pattern is coming from a deeper place, and that it’s worth exploring in fiction as well.

They discuss drama triangles, victimization, love-bombing, and other relational red flags that often show up in fiction. The conversation ends with a discussion about how to actually approach healthy relationships, and if it’s possible to have plot-moving conflict without a struggling relationship (spoiler: it is!).

They discus the series Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal.

You can book a sensitivity read with Amy to look over your fictional relationship at! If you need help with a real relationship, we recommend finding a therapist. 

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Dark Romance & the Patriarchy

Join Erin in a solo episode today for a discussion about dark romance, mafia romance, and problematic/villainous heroes. Erin is a latecomer to the romance genre and has some thoughts about the way that patriarchal conditioning has infiltrated the romance genre.

We start with a conversation about what makes a dark romance, what Erin's research revealed, and her theories about why dark romance, and especially problematic heroes, are so popular. She also gives you a breakdown of how she learns about a genre on a marketing level, specifically when it comes to Amazon's Kindle unlimited program.

Content warning that Erin does discuss abuse, including emotional abuse, financial abuse, and assault in general terms, patriarchy and patriarchal conditioning, Christianity, with a small nod to modesty culture.

Learn more about Salt and Sage Books -- and book a sensitivity read for your dark romance book to double check its impact -- at

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Meet Lydia: Game Dev, Editor, Sensitivity Reader

Join us today to as Erin interviews the absolutely incredible Lydia!

Lydia is a highly intelligent, highly decorated, highly accomplished editor, author, and game developer. She's an incredible TTRPG developer, GM, and author -- and her editing skills match. Her know-how as a sensitivity reader and author has taken her to some really cool places, and we are so excited to introduce you to her today.

Lydia loves working with anyone writing Chinese-American characters, people who are working to make TTRPGs and gaming more inclusive, and writers who are writing vulnerable work.

You can work with Lydia through the Salt and Sage Books website! Book her today at

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Mental Health & Creativity (Part 2)

Welcome back to the conversation between our incredible editor, Amy Bowen, and our host, Erin. This is part two of a continued conversation about the intersection of creativity, mental wellness, prescriptions, medication, privilege, and power structures. If you missed part one, check out the episode just before this one.

In part two, the conversation turns to specific actions that all creatives can take to help accommodate for and support their own mental health.

We'd love to hear your thoughts about this one below!

To learn more about Salt and Sage Books and the work we do, please visit our website at

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Mental Health & Creativity (Part 1)

We're lucky enough to be joined again by Amy for part one of this conversation about mental health and creativity.

As a skilled therapist and editor, and a gifted artist in her own right, Amy's perspective on creativity is an intriguing one. Tune in as we discuss the way creativity has become associated with mental illness, the harmful impacts of being anti-medication, and the deep intersectionality between systems of oppression and the act of creation.

Join us for part 2 next week!

Learn more about Salt and Sage Books on our website,, and hire Amy to work on your manuscript!

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Critique Groups

So you want to find a critique group. You know they’re important for your growth as a writer. Maybe you’re hungry for some writing friends! Maybe you really need a reliable set of eyes on your work. Maybe you need some external pressure for getting your own writing done. Whatever your reason, it’s time to find a critique group, and we’re here to help!

Sachiko and Erin have a wide variety of experiences with critique groups, and they both approach finding (and attending) critique groups in very different ways.

Tune in to get an insider’s view on what it’s like to be in a critique group, how to find a good critique group, and good critique group manners. Plus, we also talk about how to politely leave a critique group — we know that can be really tricky!

If you like what you hear, we’d love a five-star review. Thank you for your support!

If you’d like to work with us or learn more about Salt and Sage Books, check out our website at

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Writing Goals

Join Erin for this solo episode where she talks about the dos--and don'ts--of setting writing goals for the new year. Whether you're a newbie writer and want to write every day or you're an established author, the pressure to set new writing goals can be really intense!

Erin's got a lot of ideas about how to make those writing goals feel more attainable and how to be kinder to yourself while you're working towards them.

Don't worry, we're not going to talk about SMART goals or insinuate that you just need more discipline! We're here with real-life tips for how to fit writing into your busy schedule, how to set your goals low enough that they feel good and achievable, and how to balance the drive for creativity with the demands of real life.

If you like what you hear, we'd love to know it! Please leave us a five-star review. Learn more about Salt and Sage Books at

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Monetizing Your Hobbies (or not)

Erin & Sachiko discuss the benefits and drawbacks of monetizing your hobbies, including writing, quilting, art, etc., and the importance of having space in your life for additional emotionally fulfilling things.

Because we all have things we love, but hey, we also live in capitalism, and we also need groceries.

Do you want to be a full-time writer? A well-loved author? A famous quilter? This is the conversation for you.

You can book edits with the entire Salt and Sage Books team at and help us keep our other hobbies funded.

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Meet Amy, Editor & Therapist

🎙️ Welcome back to another heartfelt episode of Rough Drafts Welcome! 📝

Erin sits down with one of Salt and Sage Books' editors, Amy, who a licensed clinical therapist. They dive into the realm of mental health representation in fiction. They focus on the profound impact that authentic representation can have on real-life attitudes towards mental health and therapy.

Amy shares insights on the importance of weaving mental health narratives into fiction and explores how accurate portrayals can positively influence people's willingness to engage in self-care and seek therapy. Amy believes that writers play a powerful role in shaping societal perspectives around mental health!

Tune in for an enlightening discussion & plenty of suggestions for where to start on your own journey mental health rep.

Visit to connect, collaborate, and discover more about 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast!

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Pavlov Yourself Into Creativity

🎙️ Join us for another episode of 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast with your host, Erin! 📝

In this solo episode, Erin shares valuable insights on sparking your creativity and achieving that elusive flow state. Discover the power of Pavlovian conditioning for writers and an intriguing 'eyeball trick' to boost your creative output.

We'll explore the nuances of routines and habits, especially for neurodivergent individuals. Erin offers practical advice on using visual cues, like the 'Focus Toast' method and visual timers, to enhance your productivity. She discusses creating unique soundtracks for each story and the magic of selecting a theme song to immerse yourself in while writing. Erin also loves headphones, especially noise-canceling ones, for a helpful writing companion.

Explore external support systems, including sprint groups, body doubling, and the Pomodoro method to keep your writing journey on track and motivating.

We'll also dive into taste cues and somatic tricks, like using specific treats as rewards for achieving word count goals and understanding the role of your body's state in creativity, including the vagus nerve and the weird ear-pulling trick that Erin swears by.

Don't miss this episode filled with creative hacks and tips to enhance your writing experience and boost your productivity.

Tune in and connect with us as we explore 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast! 🚀📚✨

Ready to embark on your creative journey with us? Visit to connect, collaborate, and discover more about 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast! 🖋️🎶📢

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Ignore This Advice

🎙️ Welcome to another episode of 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast with your host, Erin! 📝

In this solo episode, Erin delves into a topic close to the hearts of many new writers. We've all heard well-meaning advice for budding authors, like "write every day," "start with a super intense pitch," or "avoid adverbs like the plague." But what if these seemingly helpful tips are causing more harm than good?

Erin believes that they can inadvertently hinder new writers, pressuring them to write 'correctly' rather than embracing the invaluable act of WRITING. In this episode, Erin candidly discusses five pieces of advice that she wishes new writers would ignore.

Tune in, expand your creative horizons, and connect with us as we explore 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast!

Ready to embark on your creative journey with us? Visit to connect, collaborate, and discover more about 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast! 🚀📚✨

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Mandy's Character Bootcamp

🎙️ Get ready for another captivating episode of 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast, featuring the brilliant Mandy Ballard in conversation with Erin! 📚

In this episode, Mandy takes us on an exciting journey into the heart of storytelling through the lens of character development. She has a treasure trove of techniques, worksheets, and in-depth processes to help you build your stories from the characters and out. Whether you're a plotter who loves to meticulously plan your tales or a pantser who thrives on spontaneity, Mandy's approach is a valuable tool for every writer.

We explore how Mandy's emphasis on character development can serve as a powerful foundation for your storytelling. Her method not only enhances your characters but also enriches your plot, making your narrative more compelling and authentic.

We'll also dive into the notion that the emotional depth of a character is what gives your story profound meaning. Mandy's insights shed light on how creating multi-dimensional characters can breathe life into your writing and connect with your readers on a deep and personal level.

If you're eager to harness Mandy's expertise and discover how her character-centric approach can elevate your storytelling, you can hire her by filling out our form on To learn more about Mandy and her editing services, visit her profile on our website at

Don't miss this episode filled with invaluable tips, inspiring ideas, and a fresh perspective on character-driven storytelling. Tune in, expand your creative horizons, and connect with us as we explore 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast!

Ready to embark on your creative journey with us? Visit to connect, collaborate, and discover more about 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast! 📝📖🌟

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Meet Mandy - Developmental & Line Editor

🎙️ Join us for a special episode of 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast, where Erin has an engaging conversation with the talented Mandy Ballard, a developmental and line editor at Salt and Sage Books. 📚

Mandy wears many hats; she's not only an accomplished editor but also a hobby homesteader who has a profound love for plants and yoga. Her home is in the heart of Southern Utah, where she finds inspiration for her work.

In this episode, we explore Mandy's unique approach to developmental editing. She's all about being on the same team as the author, with a mission to uplift their work. Mandy's goal is to find what the author excels at and help them harness their strengths.

We delve into the nuanced difference between kindness and being nice in the editing process. For Mandy, kindness means providing clear feedback while approaching the author with the utmost respect and good intentions, ensuring the work improves in meaningful ways.

Community is a vital cornerstone of every writer's journey, and we discuss its significance in fostering creativity and growth. Mandy shares her insights on how a supportive community can transform your writing experience.

When it comes to line editing, Mandy's approach is to enhance the piece's flow and pinpoint patterns unique to each author while preserving their distinct voice.

We encourage you to explore Mandy's profile on our website, ⁠⁠, and consider hiring her for your editing needs. Her dedication and expertise can take your writing to the next level.

Don't miss this enlightening episode that showcases Mandy's passion for editing, her commitment to authors, and the transformative power of community in your creative journey. Tune in, expand your horizons, and connect with us as we explore 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast!

Ready to embark on your creative journey with us? Visit ⁠⁠ to connect, collaborate, and discover more about 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast! 🖋️🌿🧘‍♀️

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Marketing for Your Nervous System

In our latest episode, we dive headfirst into the complex world of book marketing and the importance of creating nervous system safety while you promote your literary creations, especially for neurodiverse creators. If you have rejection sensitive dysphoria, ADHD, autism, or PDA, we've got ideas for you.

Join our hosts, Erin and Sachiko, as they unpack the challenges of marketing, exploring why it can feel so daunting, especially for writers. We'll delve into how marketing interacts with the creative writing process, shedding light on the systems that often keep individuals feeling small and quiet.

But here's the exciting twist – marketing and social media offer you the opportunity to take up space and amplify your voice. Yes, it's hard, but it's also incredibly empowering. We'll share strategies and insights on how to overcome those hurdles and embrace the spotlight.

Our focus isn't just on marketing; it's on creating supportive communities and building a space where you can feel safe and authentic within your own social media and marketing experiment. We'll help you navigate the potentially overwhelming aspects so that you can avoid burnout and flourish as a writer.

Remember, this episode is all about providing you with the tools and strategies to market your books confidently while prioritizing your well-being and creative journey.

Don't miss out on this transformative discussion! Tune in, expand your marketing horizons, and connect with us as we explore 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast!

Ready to embark on your creative journey with us? Visit to connect, collaborate, and discover more about 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast! 📚✨

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Bang for Your Buck: Sensitivity Reading

In this exciting installment, we dive deep into the essential topic of sensitivity reading. Join our hosts, Erin and Sachiko, as they navigate the intricacies of when to hire a sensitivity reader, especially when your budget is tight.

We'll also explore creative and budget-friendly ways to approach your own sensitivity read and write inclusively. It's all about fostering a more inclusive and empathetic creative process.

In the spirit of 'Rough Drafts Welcome,' we'll embrace imperfections, encourage self-acceptance, and celebrate the creative journey. We believe that starting is often more important than getting it right, as we don't know what we don't know.

So, don't miss out on this enlightening episode that equips you with the tools and knowledge to make your creative work more inclusive and impactful.

Remember, it's okay to be a beginner in this journey of learning and growing. Tune in, expand your creative horizons, and connect with us as we continue to explore 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast!

Ready to embark on your creative journey with us? Visit to connect, collaborate, and discover more about 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast! 📚✨

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Edit Your Edit

Calling all editors and authors! In this episode, Erin and Sachiko delve deep into the art of crafting the perfect editor's letter. Whether you're an editor refining your approach or an author seeking editing services, this insightful discussion is your guide to a more effective and efficient editing process.

Join us as we explore a multitude of strategies for structuring editor's letters tailored to various editing stages, including sensitivity reading, developmental editing, line editing, proofreading, and beta reading.

Discover the secrets of streamlining your editing process as we share our personal shortcuts and insights. We'll help you unlock the key to providing clear, constructive feedback that enhances your collaboration and produces exceptional results.

Tune in and gain the knowledge and confidence to navigate the editing process with ease, whether you're an editor refining your craft or an author seeking the perfect editor.

Ready to elevate your editing game? Visit us at to connect with our skilled editors and explore how we can assist you in perfecting your manuscript.

Listen now to Episode Four, your masterclass in editor's letters, and embark on a journey towards editorial excellence.

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Freelancing FAQ

In this episode, we're diving into the exciting world of freelancing! Whether you're a seasoned freelancer or just starting your journey, this episode is packed with invaluable insights and practical tips to set you up for success.

Join us as we explore the art of crafting contracts that protect both you and your clients while ensuring clear expectations. We'll even share some surprising moments when Erin's passion for spreadsheets takes center stage in the pricing discussion.

Discover how we've cultivated Salt and Sage Books into a transparent and morally grounded space for freelancers to thrive and make a difference. We'll guide you on recognizing your unique strengths as an editor and how to showcase them effectively in your online presence.

But it's not just about the creative aspect; we'll also touch on the practicalities of taxes and the intricacies of ghostwriting, editorial work, and content creation, emphasizing the crucial need to document everything in a rock-solid contract.

Tune in and gain the confidence and knowledge to excel in the freelance arena, providing top-notch services while maintaining ethical integrity.

Ready to embark on your freelance journey or enhance your existing one? Visit us at to connect, collaborate, and learn more about 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast!

Listen now to Episode Three, your guide to conquering the freelance frontier.

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Even Phteven

In our latest episode, we get personal as Sachiko shares her own experiences with the weight of stereotypes and microaggressions. Join this intimate conversation as we explore how these issues have made life challenging not just for her but also for her children, challenging the very essence of their personhood.

We discuss the profound impact of validating someone's personhood based on their name or background and why it's a matter of empathy, respect, and validation -- and how authors and creators play a vital role in breaking down these barriers. We'll touch on naming characters authentically, and easy steps that creators can take to be more inclusive and validating around the names they choose.

But it's not just about characters in stories; it's about real-life moments too. Learn why making up a new name when ordering coffee isn't just a casual choice; it's a response to the world's judgment.

Tune in and learn how you can be part of the solution, making the world of storytelling a more inclusive and empathetic place.

Join the conversation and stand with us in celebrating the significance of names.

Also... remember Phteven?

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The Rough Stuff

Join us for the grand premiere of 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast, a Salt and Sage Books production!

In this inaugural episode, we explore 'The Power of Imperfection' and why 'Rough Drafts Welcome' matters more than ever in the world of creativity.

Discover the magic of embracing imperfections, self-acceptance, and the creative journey with our hosts, Erin and Sachiko.

Featuring insights from Ira Glass, they unravel the 'Talent and Taste Gap' and share the secrets of unblocking your creative flow with the 'Rubber Duck Method.'

Tune in and learn how to conquer your creative fears, celebrate your 'self-insert novel,' and transform your rough drafts into masterpieces!

Don't miss this inspirational episode that reminds you: It's okay to be a beginner, to stumble, and to grow.

Ready to embark on your creative journey with us? Visit us at to connect, collaborate, and learn more about 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast!

The Ira Glass quote in full:

“Nobody tells this to people who are beginners, I wish someone told me. All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste. But there is this gap. For the first couple years you make stuff, it’s just not that good. It’s trying to be good, it has potential, but it’s not. But your taste, the thing that got you into the game, is still killer. And your taste is why your work disappoints you. A lot of people never get past this phase, they quit. Most people I know who do interesting, creative work went through years of this. We know our work doesn’t have this special thing that we want it to have. We all go through this. And if you are just starting out or you are still in this phase, you gotta know its normal and the most important thing you can do is do a lot of work. Put yourself on a deadline so that every week you will finish one story. It is only by going through a volume of work that you will close that gap, and your work will be as good as your ambitions. And I took longer to figure out how to do this than anyone I’ve ever met. It’s gonna take awhile. It’s normal to take awhile. You’ve just gotta fight your way through.”

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