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Indie vs. Traditional Publication

The great war of indie publishing versus traditional publishing has begun!

No, not really. Erin actually thinks that they're both pretty cool. But if you have wondered which of those publication pathways is a better fit for you, Erin has some thoughts.

Depending on genre expectations, your goal audience, your ideal reader, and even your own personal interest in marketing, you might find that one sort of publication is a better fit for you than another.

Fair warning, that if you have ever thought that indie publication is less-than, Erin is going to challenge you to change your mind about that one.

For marketing concerns, potential financial investment, the amount of time that you're gonna have to wait, and interest in following market trends, there is a publication style that is good for everyone. You might even find that you like being a hybrid published author!

All the links:

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The Incomplete Guides from Salt and Sage Books (and a peek at how the landing page for Draft2Digital looks) -

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Kim - 

Katie -

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