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Meet Mandy - Developmental & Line Editor

🎙️ Join us for a special episode of 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast, where Erin has an engaging conversation with the talented Mandy Ballard, a developmental and line editor at Salt and Sage Books. 📚

Mandy wears many hats; she's not only an accomplished editor but also a hobby homesteader who has a profound love for plants and yoga. Her home is in the heart of Southern Utah, where she finds inspiration for her work.

In this episode, we explore Mandy's unique approach to developmental editing. She's all about being on the same team as the author, with a mission to uplift their work. Mandy's goal is to find what the author excels at and help them harness their strengths.

We delve into the nuanced difference between kindness and being nice in the editing process. For Mandy, kindness means providing clear feedback while approaching the author with the utmost respect and good intentions, ensuring the work improves in meaningful ways.

Community is a vital cornerstone of every writer's journey, and we discuss its significance in fostering creativity and growth. Mandy shares her insights on how a supportive community can transform your writing experience.

When it comes to line editing, Mandy's approach is to enhance the piece's flow and pinpoint patterns unique to each author while preserving their distinct voice.

We encourage you to explore Mandy's profile on our website, ⁠⁠, and consider hiring her for your editing needs. Her dedication and expertise can take your writing to the next level.

Don't miss this enlightening episode that showcases Mandy's passion for editing, her commitment to authors, and the transformative power of community in your creative journey. Tune in, expand your horizons, and connect with us as we explore 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast!

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