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Healthy Fictional Relationships with Amy (Part 1)

What exactly makes a healthy relationship, and why does it matter that fiction has them? Erin sits down for a conversation with Amy, a sensitivity reader and therapist, to discuss the ins and outs of relationship writing.

Have you ever noticed that the couples in fiction have the same problems over and over again? The woman magically changes the man, the man rescues the woman, the couple magically solves all of their problems by just communicating. They discuss the benefits of escapist fiction and how there is a lot of room in the world to do both fiction and deep-dives into healthy relationships.

Amy points out that, in real-life relationships, that sort of repeated pattern is coming from a deeper place, and that it’s worth exploring in fiction as well.

They discuss drama triangles, victimization, love-bombing, and other relational red flags that often show up in fiction. The conversation ends with a discussion about how to actually approach healthy relationships, and if it’s possible to have plot-moving conflict without a struggling relationship (spoiler: it is!).

They discus the series Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal.

You can book a sensitivity read with Amy to look over your fictional relationship at! If you need help with a real relationship, we recommend finding a therapist.