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Dark Romance & the Patriarchy

Join Erin in a solo episode today for a discussion about dark romance, mafia romance, and problematic/villainous heroes. Erin is a latecomer to the romance genre and has some thoughts about the way that patriarchal conditioning has infiltrated the romance genre.

We start with a conversation about what makes a dark romance, what Erin's research revealed, and her theories about why dark romance, and especially problematic heroes, are so popular. She also gives you a breakdown of how she learns about a genre on a marketing level, specifically when it comes to Amazon's Kindle unlimited program.

Content warning that Erin does discuss abuse, including emotional abuse, financial abuse, and assault in general terms, patriarchy and patriarchal conditioning, Christianity, with a small nod to modesty culture.

Learn more about Salt and Sage Books -- and book a sensitivity read for your dark romance book to double check its impact -- at