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Consent is Sexy: Steamy Books & Their Implications

CW: This episode contains conversations about sexual situations and is not intended for anyone under the age of 18.

Our incredible editor, therapist, and featured sensitivity reader Amy joins us to talk about all things spicy!

You’ve probably all noticed the increase in “respectability” when it comes to spicy books, both erotica and smut alike — it’s a brave new world out there, and we are here for it!

As with all explosions of genres, there are all shades (wink) of things to think about when it comes to writing something that is interesting, relatable, and that sells well. Surely you’re not surprised to hear that there are some pitfalls when it comes to the juiciest of books.

Amy has a therapy-based take on all of it. Join our conversation as we discuss consent, why it matters, how to write it, and—most importantly!—the way that your stories are impacting real people for the better.

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