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Marketing for Your Nervous System

In our latest episode, we dive headfirst into the complex world of book marketing and the importance of creating nervous system safety while you promote your literary creations, especially for neurodiverse creators. If you have rejection sensitive dysphoria, ADHD, autism, or PDA, we've got ideas for you.

Join our hosts, Erin and Sachiko, as they unpack the challenges of marketing, exploring why it can feel so daunting, especially for writers. We'll delve into how marketing interacts with the creative writing process, shedding light on the systems that often keep individuals feeling small and quiet.

But here's the exciting twist – marketing and social media offer you the opportunity to take up space and amplify your voice. Yes, it's hard, but it's also incredibly empowering. We'll share strategies and insights on how to overcome those hurdles and embrace the spotlight.

Our focus isn't just on marketing; it's on creating supportive communities and building a space where you can feel safe and authentic within your own social media and marketing experiment. We'll help you navigate the potentially overwhelming aspects so that you can avoid burnout and flourish as a writer.

Remember, this episode is all about providing you with the tools and strategies to market your books confidently while prioritizing your well-being and creative journey.

Don't miss out on this transformative discussion! Tune in, expand your marketing horizons, and connect with us as we explore 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast!

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