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Mandy's Character Bootcamp

πŸŽ™οΈ Get ready for another captivating episode of 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast, featuring the brilliant Mandy Ballard in conversation with Erin! πŸ“š

In this episode, Mandy takes us on an exciting journey into the heart of storytelling through the lens of character development. She has a treasure trove of techniques, worksheets, and in-depth processes to help you build your stories from the characters and out. Whether you're a plotter who loves to meticulously plan your tales or a pantser who thrives on spontaneity, Mandy's approach is a valuable tool for every writer.

We explore how Mandy's emphasis on character development can serve as a powerful foundation for your storytelling. Her method not only enhances your characters but also enriches your plot, making your narrative more compelling and authentic.

We'll also dive into the notion that the emotional depth of a character is what gives your story profound meaning. Mandy's insights shed light on how creating multi-dimensional characters can breathe life into your writing and connect with your readers on a deep and personal level.

If you're eager to harness Mandy's expertise and discover how her character-centric approach can elevate your storytelling, you can hire her by filling out our form on To learn more about Mandy and her editing services, visit her profile on our website at

Don't miss this episode filled with invaluable tips, inspiring ideas, and a fresh perspective on character-driven storytelling. Tune in, expand your creative horizons, and connect with us as we explore 'The Rough Drafts Welcome' podcast!

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