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Even Phteven

In our latest episode, we get personal as Sachiko shares her own experiences with the weight of stereotypes and microaggressions. Join this intimate conversation as we explore how these issues have made life challenging not just for her but also for her children, challenging the very essence of their personhood.

We discuss the profound impact of validating someone's personhood based on their name or background and why it's a matter of empathy, respect, and validation -- and how authors and creators play a vital role in breaking down these barriers. We'll touch on naming characters authentically, and easy steps that creators can take to be more inclusive and validating around the names they choose.

But it's not just about characters in stories; it's about real-life moments too. Learn why making up a new name when ordering coffee isn't just a casual choice; it's a response to the world's judgment.

Tune in and learn how you can be part of the solution, making the world of storytelling a more inclusive and empathetic place.

Join the conversation and stand with us in celebrating the significance of names.

Also... remember Phteven?