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Age Gap Romances

To wrap up our romance novel February, Erin shares her thoughts on age gap romances. This trope has a lot of potential to be fun, flirty, and very enjoyable! But of course, as with all tropes, it has a dark side, too.

At Salt and Sage Books, we believe that as authors and readers know more, they do better; this episode operates on that assumption. Erin discusses child marriage, appropriate and inappropriate age gaps, and how patriarchy, wh*te supremacy, and the cultural and historical context impact our conversation about the romanticization and infantilization of women.

We want you to understand the problems so that your age gap romances can be as positively-impactful as possible.

While Erin does her best to talk around the specific words in case you have young listeners in the background, this episode does contain discussions of p*d*ph*lia, non-consensual relationships, and child marriage. Please proceed with caution and take good care of yourself!

If you'd like help with your novel, please reach out to Salt and Sage Books via our website, . We have lots of readers who would absolutely love to help troubleshoot your age-gap romance!