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Finish publishing your indie book! (Indie Publishing Part 2)

Check out the previous episode for indie publishing part 1.

Sachiko has questions about indie publishing, and Erin has (some of) the answers! Last episode, we went over how to write to market, what exactly it means to write to market, and how to find an audience and category that are hungry for your writing.

In this episode, we move from writing the piece through publishing, including all the ins and outs of ISBNs, buying covers (and where to find them), what edits you can and should pursue for your project, formatting your book, and uploading all of it to Amazon.

If you'd like help with any of that, Salt and Sage Books would love to give you a hand! Learn more about us and book through our website:

If you're in the US, buy your ISBN on Bowker

For all things indie pub, 20Booksto50k is an amazing resource. Look at their files!